The Good, The Bad and Toby: "Toby & The Flood" - The Good Side (by MeganMusketeers)

May 04, 2017

Its time for Part 2! ThomasNATION members, MeganMusketeers (Megan) and MichelSth1995 (Michael) are back for another round of: The Good, The Bad & Toby! In this series, the two fans point out their views on two Season 5 episodes - one positive, one critical, and both about Toby.

After the first round of Megan giving the positive side on "Toby's Discovery" and Michael countering it, they're back with another round! This time, its the famous episode, "Toby & The Flood." Read below Megan's take on it - the positive side:

Which side are you on? Read and find out...

Ahh! Toby and the Flood, my favourite episode as a little girl and still one of my favourites. In this review - though, - I'm going to do something different. I'm going to write this review in categories (- eh, just wanted to try that out! Tell me if you like it.)

1. Visuals:
David's Thomas and Friends was the best looking Thomas of all time and Season 5 was his pinnacle. The detailing is amazing, everywhere - from the raindrops to the dirty flood water. It also has my favourite Thomas crash of all time, (it's not really a crash but that dam breaking scene has stuck with me.) 

I would always try to recreate it with Duplo bricks. The cracks, the crash, and the giant splash of water! [Oh, the nostalgia!] Also the fact you never see the string pulling the raft is to be commended. This episode also uses plenty of close ups, so we can see the frantic crews. Which leads into...

Though a bit unrealistic, it is fantastic - great banter, the works. The mention of Toby being on his branch line helps confirms that he runs the line. As well as that, Toby was very brave in this episode - a good portrayal of his character, I must point out. 

Risking his life for the benefit of others - that is really brave. Toby being modest and giving the credit to Harold as well as Percy seems like something that would be in the Railway Series, so kudos to the writers for that intelligent touch. The drivers' panicking is quite realistic. It really might scare some children, but it fits, and sticks to the storyline, so I love that. 

Some of Mike and Junior's best -- the score is very cinematic and matches the episode's tone nicely. It really has an orchestral sound to it, as well as one of drama and suspense.

I haven't watch the US version but I do know the UK one. Michael's acting is amazing, his classic “HALP!” is present. But he also puts in so much effort, second best he's done after Jet Engine

“THE DAM IS BREAKING UP! WE MUST WARN EVERYONE!” is a classic line that has been stuck in my head since 2003 when I first saw it.

It's one of my favourite episodes, and for good reason. It checks (literally) all the boxes! Aside from a tiny bit of unrealism here and there - which can easily be excused for the rest of the excellent delivery, this episode is a hundred percent fantastic. I love the drama, suspense, visuals, music, acting. One of Thomas' best. 4.75/5.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

But, Michael doesn't agree. What does he think? Read here.

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